I’m not one of those girls that can get on a long flight without being comfortable first. After all, the journey is a precursor to the destination. Jeans, a tee, and the occasional track pant, was the comfiest I’ve ever gotten in transit and in a new place because they’re so low maintenance. So naturally, when I pack, that’s what 90% of my suitcase is full of. The rest is something a little more glam for a night out on the town or dinner at a high end restaurant.

zelocity active wear

There is a downside though. My clothes usually crease and wrinkle easily, they don’t really keep me cool and we all know that denim isn’t the most breathable fabric in the world. You know what I mean?

Let’s get to the point! We’ve all been hearing the term ‘athleisure’ for a while now, but like many of you, I’ve been restricting it to gym-wear. However, active wear has become a lot more versatile and you can wear it when you sweat, when you lounge around, when you catch up with friends AND when you travel. Not bad at all in terms of flexibility!

vacation attire Athleisure is the new kid in town and in fashion vernacular, it’s a fusion of athletic and leisure wear. The word conjures up all kinds of fantasies about workout wear that’s still appropriate, yet glam enough to take on the city in. It’s kind of brilliant – and perfect for travel, be it on long treks, walks around the city, or in planes, trains or cars when satorials don’t make the cut. It’s practical too, and when you arrive at your destination, you can hit the ground running… literally!

zelocity by zivame

Zelocity by Zivame sent me a whole bunch of clothing to try out on my recent trip to Canada. Although the -35 weather in Canada didn’t really allow me to sport them out in the open, I practically wore them all the time, below layers of woollens and down jackets.

The Zelocity by Zivame collection takes technological fibres and materials from the active world and marries them with sportswear styling. They stretch and move with your body, keep you cool and allow your skin to breathe. The best part, it’s practically creaseless so you can pull it out of your backpack and throw it on, without having to bother about ironing it. Oh, and when it comes to packing the clothing in your suitcase, it is SUCH a space saver. These racer back tees literally take up the space that a scarf would have! This makes it great for just stuffing into your handbag/backpack in case you need an emergency outfit change or lose your baggage.

zelocity athleisure by zivame

The biggest problem with active wear is that it is usually seen on par with travel gear, which, let’s be honest, can be quite ugly. But with athleisure, bright prints and classic ‘staples’ make it perfect for mixing and matching – ideal for a travel wardrobe, even if exercise isn’t on the cards.

zelocity zivame apparel

It’s hard to break the thought process of wanting to be dressed uber cute while travelling (hello, Instagram), but stocking up on a few cute pieces can make it easy to give in to your extra cosy side, while not sacrificing on the style. Worth mentioning is the fact that the tees and leggings are loose and comfy enough to be worn as sleepwear if space is a constraint when you pack.

zelocity racer backSo yeah, turns out you can be comfortable and trendy when you travel. And as I pack my bags for another adventure, this time to a more tropical destination, I’m super excited to get some more use out of my Zelocity clothing.

See you on the other side!

Hey! Welcome back!

Can you believe we’re in December already? I’ve been in Goa for the last 10 days or so, and I hoped to catch up on my posts, but as usual, there’s so much to do here, in my home-state, that I have EVEN MORE to fill you in on!

In case you missed it, check out the highlight of my November – the World Fair Trade Week in New Delhi, where I spent 7 days learning about the fair trade movement.

No, it’s not one of those boring history-economics type of ‘movements.’ It has something to do with how we live every day, the products we use and the clothes we wear. It’s hard to fathom that if everyone made a conscious decision to support poverty-stricken farmers, weavers and artisans rather than already-rich MNCs, the world would be so much richer in terms or art, and fairer, by providing a decent living to everyone.

While the World Fair Trade Conference fed me all the info, it was the Fair Utsav and Fashion Show that drove the point home.

fair utsav dlf place

indian handicrafts

The Fair Utsav was held in the courtyard of DLF Place, a mall in Saket. Over 100 stalls saw craftsmen from around the country sell their wares – accessories, clothes, trinkets, jams, pickles, cloth, shoes, and artifacts made of cane. These items were made by hand through trade secrets passed down from generation to generation and many were symbolic of the area from where these craftsmen came.

indian artisan

artisan fron india

The sheer variety was outstanding and in many cases, you would never have guessed it was handmade at all! The attention to detail and perfection in many items could fool someone into thinking it was bought at a luxury market. And in fact, many ARE sold in luxury markets at quadruple the price, while these artists struggle for their next meal. They don’t have the means or knowledge to open an e-store and as their reach is limited, NGOs step in to help them sell to a wider audience.

handicraft shoes delhi

DLF Place fair utsav

I could think of a dozen friends who’d love bags and accessories like these, and I’m sure you do, too. Sadly, as is our nature and habit, the next time a birthday is around the corner, we’ll all rush to the mall to pick out a gift instead. That’s probably why we need to turn into fair trade consumers – the items are gorgeous and unique, the cause is worth it and all it takes is a little extra effort and will to support local craftsmen by buying local.

artisan jewelry

artisan bags

fair utsav delhi

The Fair Trade Fashion show was probably the highlight of the event! I always thought sustainable, fair fashion was restricted to khadi items. You know – those loose dresses and kurtas! I first got a real glimpse into it when I checked out Ninoshka’s workshop. But nothing could have prepared me for all this fair-trade glam! <3

The Fashion show conducted in collaboration with the  Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region, North East. It was held at NIFT in Delhi and 7 brands showcased their collections and amazed the crowd with the ingenuity of their designs coupled with social responsibility.

Upasana from Auroville focuses on ‘design for change,’ and the brand showcased its Indigo Collection made using khadi (handspun cloth), organic cotton grown by local farmers and Khadi Jamdani, a traditional weaving technique.

upasana artisans

The brand Sasha from Kolkata is engaged with over 5000 artisans, 100 craft enterprises and 16 craft lines, connecting craftsmen to new audiences. The collection showcased ensembles primarily for women in woven textiles and Kantha embroidery.

sasha fair trade

Mahila Umang was next, a collective of women farmer-producer members and is located in Uttarakhand. Through a consolidated network of 1500 members involved in various viable business activities, small, yet significant income is made and every business activity is directly controlled by the producer group. All the garments were hand knitted by the women of Uttarakhand.

mahila umang

Rangsutra, the next brand is a community owned craft company comprising of artisans from remote regions of India. Rangsutra ensures sustainable livelihoods for farmers and artisans by creating top quality handmade products celebrating India’s rich craft heritage.


rangsutra fair trade

GoCoop, an award winning company for hand loom marketing owns a brand, The Good Loom, the designs of which were also showcased. Like all their collections, this menswear line symbolized a thoughtful approach to retail, the environment and Indian arts and crafts.

the good loom

Eco Tasar Silk Pvt Ltd runs a sustainable and commercially competitive textile business to help generate wage opportunity for rural based producers like yarn makers, weavers, dyers etc. Through these activities, small artisans and producers do not need to migrate in search of work.

eco tasar

Lastly, the AagorWeavers from Assam showcased a vibrant collection and even had a weaver walk the ramp, much to the delight of the audience.

aagor weavers assam

I’d also like to give a special mention to the brand  Ethic Attic by Fairkonnect, who help their clients source ethically produced, sustainable and Fair trade products. All the ambassadors and hosts were presented with an Ethic Attic stole during the course of the conference.

ethic attic

Models walked the ramp to the mesmerizing voice of Sunita Bhuyan, a leading violinist and singer who blew the crowd away with her breathtaking performance. Finally, the event was brought to a close by Fashion designer Jay Ramrakiani who created some gorgeous designs especially for the occasion.

jai ramrakhiani

Hope you enjoyed reading about my experience at the World Fair Trade Conference, organized by World Fair Trade Organization and Fair Trade Forum – India. Do try and visit one of these exhibitions and buy fair trade products when you can. We’re in dire need of protecting age old crafts in this age of technology, and a little support goes a long way.

Next up, all the adventures here in Goa! See you soon!

I’ve had a lot of adventures these past few months – from trips to beachy Ratnagiri to travelling high up in the hills in Mahabaleshwar. I’m trying my best to explore as much as I can and cross off as many places on my bucket list.

woodland 7

I need to talk to you about these newbies on my feet!  Unlike my tomboyish wardrobe, my shoes are girly – strappy sandals, heels, ballerinas and juttis. My sneakers are probably the most masculine looking pair of shoes I own. But none of these were versatile enough to go off exploring in.

woodland 4

tgg woodland

I’ve had a couple of trips that required walking on rocky paths, short hikes and road trips. The next one involves a month in the snow. So I wanted to get some cute ankle boots that would serve a purpose on all my adventures.

thatgoangirl woodland

It was love at first sight with these babies from Woodland’s summer collection! I love a little bling and couldn’t get enough of the gold toe strip. The chocolate brown leather makes it perfect to pair with denim dresses, shorts-and-tees, black and white outfits and they’re light enough to wear with patterns and colours. I tend to be a little (read: very) clumsy and these have protected my ankles from sprains and my feet from all the nasties that the lively jungle brings. woodland 9


All that aside, wearing them makes me feel so sporty that I wish they’d come with a six-pack too!

thatgoangirl x woodland

The only downside is that if I pack them in my suitcase, it occupies so much space that I’d need to leave clothes behind. So if I do plan to take them along, I have to wear them on the onward and homebound journeys to solve the space situation.

woodland shoes

I’ll definitely be packing them in a couple of weeks when I hit snowy Canada (brrrr). Make sure you keep an eye on my social media channels to see how I do! Wish me luck in that cold, cold land!

If you’re a regular reader of That Goan Girl, you’d know that fashion-related posts with pictures of me in them are few and far between. Let me know if you enjoyed this one by dropping a line in the comments below. I may just do a few more if you like what you see 🙂


If you’re a man who understands and respects the value of time, wearing a watch is an inherent part of your daily routine. Just like the rest of your outfit, your watch is a great way to leave a lasting first impression. A sophisticated timepiece holds the power to narrate your life story, ironically, without uttering a word. Of all types of watches and what they say about you, chronograph watches are undoubtedly one of the most sought-after timekeeping devices of today’s day and age; safely positioning you in the category of men who are sure of where they are and where they want to be.

Luxury watches for men, that can be found at Ethos Watch Boutiques, come in various shapes and sizes, boasting of multiple functionalities – be it date, seconds hand, chronometer, tachymeter and the like. Of all these, the chronograph functionality has found a loyal base amongst influential men across generations. Literally translating to ‘time writer’, the chronograph coupled with date functionality makes your wristwatch the most important accessory in your wardrobe – one you wouldn’t be willing to step out of the house without. It is more than just a fancy aesthetic addition to your watch. With its ability to accurately record time with precision, your watch is made all the more powerful and indispensable. Going beyond their traditional use for timing races, contemporary chronograph watches have found practical use in the modern man’s everyday life – you can track your evening run, fitness routine, cooking time and the list goes on.

Owning a luxurious timepiece with the functionality of a chronograph is an invaluable addition to your trunk of accessories, one that’ll successfully stand the test of time. Here’s looking at 3 Chronograph Must-Have Watches this season:

Rado – Diamaster Collection


No matter your personal definition of style, you’ll find your match in the . Popular for its easily legible dial, the range of timepieces boasts of a chronograph, small seconds totalizer and a date display. The collection is a flawless amalgamation of durability, class, elegance and functionality; an ideal fit for any man willing to go the extra mile to leave a lasting first impression. For a practical yet ultra polished look, go for a clean white dial strapped in with a perforated leather strap (fascinatingly inspired by driving gloves).

  1. Longines – Watchmaking Tradition Collection


The Longines Watchmaking Tradition Collection of timepieces is an exemplification of immaculate craftsmanship, premium technology and elegant aesthetics. Living up to the high standards set by Longines in the world of time keeping, the collection is proof why the brand name is used synonymously with trust, credibility and timeless style. Keeping durability as a top priority, every model from the collection is encased with sapphire crystal glass to ensure scratch resistance and endurance. In terms of shape, the cases range from timeless tonneau to classic circular designs, made from materials such as 18k gold and polished stainless steel. The collection is made extra special with its advanced chronographic models, boasting of secondary tracks and varied sub-dials.

  1. TAG Heuer – Carrera Collection


If you enjoy the thrill of high speed, the Carrera collection by Tag Heuer is bound to be a favorite. Initially designed exclusively for drivers and racers, today the collection has evolved to find mass appeal in the world of timekeeping. With cutting edge technology and awe-inspiring design – characteristic to five decades of its existence – the Carrera collection truly serves as an inspiration for other watchmakers. It has emerged as a flag bearer of chronograph watches, setting high standards in terms of aesthetics, practicality and precision. The Carrera dial is known for its easy readability, complimented by noteworthy features such as waterproof, shockproof and anti-magnetic qualities.


For a man who realizes the value of design, practicality and luxury packed in one strong piece of timekeeping machinery, any of the above mentioned chronograph watches are a must-have this season. Find yourself a watch that perfectly encapsulates your unique sense of style and fashion.

Goa-based fashion designer Ninoshka Alvares-Delaney is one to watch! This fashion pioneer from Saligao is in the organic fashion space and was recently honored by the Union Minister of State for textile, Smriti Irani from over 1660 designers across the country for her unique use of eco-friendly products, handloom fabrics and dyes. In a state that’s always equated fashion with Wendell Rodricks, quiet, graceful Ninoshka is slowly but surely getting the attention she deserves.

ninoshka fashion designer

Apart from the fact that she stays a few minutes away from my home in Saligao, we also have two people in common – her sister, my classmate – Kim and a professor we both admired in our respective colleges – Rajesh Nambiar who taught Ninoshka during her NIFT days and years later, taught me in a subject in MBA. Strangely, the two of us had never met long enough to have a conversation until my trip to Goa last week when I visited her workshop.

I walked around the Delaney’s house to the back and through their garage till I found myself at their little office in the backyard that was buzzing with activity. A few minutes later, she led me upstairs to a much quieter, spacious room that had two tailors at work on sewing machines and another making necklaces out of fabric that anyone else would have discarded without a second thought.

upcycle ninoshka

We’re both reluctant conversation starters, but it wasn’t long before I’m poring over fabric that’s been printed with… of all things… onion peels!! The fabric and print looks so delicate that it feels as if touching it would wipe the patterns away like powder, but Ninoshka tells me that the fabric is just like any other – can be washed, dried, and worn like normal. How cool is that!

onion peel fabric

Ninoshka explains to me the whole process of how she managed to accomplish something so oddly brilliant and then opens out rolls of fabric that have been dyed with pomegranate, marigold, rose, indigo and pigments given out by beetles!

The label crafts elegantly tailored business, evening and casual fashion made of high quality, sustainable and certified materials. In fact, the brand uses a label that’s trademarked to the India Handloom Brand, meaning the quality of the materials she uses have been tested for a period of 6 months before being trademarked. Why is this important? Because handmade fabric is prone to human error and Ninoshka finds that having her fabrics certified beforehand saves a lot of hassles later on.

I didn’t ask her about what sparked her interest in fashion, her philosophy and all the accolades she’s won, because it’s all available on the internet. Here’s what our neighbourly conversation was like:

What is your personal style?

When it comes to my personal clothing preference, I’ve always opted for organic clothing. Synthetic fabric never appealed to me and I never felt comfortable in them. For me, comfort is paramount and what I others think of my attire comes second. Even when it comes to my hair, I don’t colour it or attempt to hide my greys. I let it be as it is – natural. It may be greying, but that’s something that everyone goes through. Why hide it?

What’s it like running a business like yours with a child?

It’s very tough managing a business with a child. Before Daniel was born, the business was slow and I was happy at the pace it was going. For a year after he was born, it was stagnant and slowed. It’s now that he’s started going to school that I’ve decided to buck up and achieve what I want to. I have a few hours while he’s at school to do the bulk of my work. I won a couple of awards this year that quickened my growth, so that helped too!

How do you manage creativity with commerce?

I don’t like getting involved in money and sales. It stifles my creativity and takes up too much of my time. If I think about sales and price tags, my mind is occupied with thinking about what designs will sell and what won’t. So I’ve left the marketing and sales up to my husband so that all my thoughts and energy go into creating the best designs possible.

ninoshka collection

I’ve read that artisans are your biggest inspiration. Why is that?

Artisans are so content with what they have. If we have a mobile phone, we always want a better one. We want a car. We want more luxury. But I’ve worked with these people and I see how content they are with their lives. They think like children and aren’t influenced by the outside world. At one point, I worked with artisans in Gujarat and we had the theme ‘sky, water and earth.’ One lady embroidered a circle with fish inside, and when asked what it was, she said it was the well outside her home with fish swimming inside. Another person created something and I couldn’t quite fathom what it was. He later told me that it was a constellation in the sky.

All these things exist around us, but we don’t notice and aren’t inspired by them. Our thoughts are so complex and influenced by so many things. That’s why I aspire to be like those artisans.

Goans love to dress up in their finest gowns for feasts and weddings. Since you only wear organic clothes, do you find it odd to wear simple, understated clothes on such occasions?

Not really. For occasions that need formal or showy attire, I pick linen or silk garments instead of cotton. I once wore a linen skirt and organic white shirt for someone’s 50th wedding anniversary – and you know what huge occasions those are! Golden jubilees are even grander than the wedding itself! Everyone was in their beaded, shimmery clothing and I was the complete opposite. I was surprised to have got a lot of compliments that night – and even 3 orders for the skirt I was wearing!

I think Saligao is still more open-minded and accepting of organic clothing. When it comes to the south and the coastal belt, you will find that for formal occasions, everyone looks identical. All the women wear the same, tailor made suit-skirt set or a top and skirt made from the same fabric. It will have some small differences like beads or embroidery but other than that, it all looks mass produced.

ninoshka studio goa

Tell me more about your attempts to revive the Adivasi weave in Goa

My husband and I are working on marketing the Adivasi weave in Goa. We are helping Dr Rohit, a historian to market the weave which is presently being made in Karnataka, as there are no weavers left in Goa. however our aim is to get the weaving industry started in Goa again with the support of the textile ministry.

The Kunbis are aboriginals of Goa and wore the Adivasi Sari, also called ‘kaapad.’ Their way of draping the sari was basic, called ‘Detli’ and involved wrapping the sari around the waist and typing it over the right shoulder in a knot. This style of draping facilitated fieldwork. The sari ended just above the ankle and did not need a blouse or petticoat, although younger women did use blouses with puff sleeves. A white shawl called ‘voll’ was thrown over the shoulder and the pallu was tucked in at the back to form a pocket of sorts.

This weave was compact and made in Goa on handlooms but with the decline of handlooms, the weave stopped in 1985. It is one of our endeavors to get the original Adivasi weave revived here in Goa.

Which celebrity’s personal style do you admire?

I love the way Kiran Rao dresses. She’s always comfortable in sarees and kurtas. In Hollywood, they’re all well dressed, but I like Emma Watson’s style the most.

Where can one buy from the Ninoshka label?

We’re available online on sites like Jaypore, Bunosilo and Peacock Colours along with a handful of retail stores..


It’s always a pleasure meeting people who enjoy doing what they love and whose benefit to society is their biggest satisfaction. Ninoshka’s philosophy of ‘fashion with a conscience’ is refreshing, to say the least and just goes to show that the future is definitely hand-made!

That wrapped up my chat with Ninoshka Alvares- Delaney! If you enjoyed this one, don’t forget to subscribe!!

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Whisper, India’s leading Feminine Care brand has always endeavoured to push women to be unstoppable.  Being in the advertising industry, I’ve paid close attention to the campaigns the brand has undertaken to realize this mission. From their iconic ‘Like a Girl’ advertisement to taboo-defying ‘Touch the Pickle’ that changed the paradigm of conversations and boosted confidence when women needed it the most, the brand continues to break barriers time after time.

This year, Whisper has gone yet a step further and launched ‘Whisper Ultra Soft,’ a product that offers superior comfort and feels 2x softer on the skin. Take a look at the commercial, which focuses on something so simple, yet uncomfortable during that time of the month – sitting. Take a look:

8th March 2017 – Women’s Day – was the day chosen by Whisper to launch of the New Whisper Ultra Soft in a pink-themed set up at Mahalaxmi Race Course, Mumbai. The theme for the event was “be bold for change,” and celebrated not only womens’ achievements, but also encouraged them to be comfortable in their skin in order to be truly unstoppable.

TV Actress Radhika Apte, who was present at the launch said, “It is important for women to create a sense of self-worth in everything we choose to do in our lives. We need to be unstoppable and realize our full potential. This is only possible when we feel comfortable in our skin on regular days as well as during those five days of the month. It is necessary to make our needs priorities, which includes choosing the best sanitary solutions.” She also concisely stated that those five days equals 1/6th of a month, in turn being 1/6th of the year and 1/6th of woman’s entire life. Feeling uneasy and uncomfortable for 1/6th of one’s life is unthinkable and everyday should just be another day on which women go out and achieve.

Dr. Nandita Palshektar, noted gynaecologist spoke about the do’s and don’ts that every woman should incorporate in her monthly routine and educated all about the importance of menstrual hygiene. An R&D expert from Whisper’s parent company, Proctor and Gamble in Germany then took the stage and gave us a product demo while explaining the features of the Whisper Ultra Soft. She highlighted the softness and stronger absorption capacity of the product and the amount of testing that went into developing it. She also stated that it is longer and wider than Whisper Ultra, giving women the extra comfort needed during sleep.

As the evening progressed, I got to mingle with other bloggers present at the event as we clicked pictures riding cycles that lit up the word ‘Ultrasoft’ when pedaled long enough. And with a wall full of pink-shaped heart balloons stuck on it, it was the perfect setting to take a selfie or 20! A delicious high tea with an array of desserts followed – a fun way to end the launch event.

If I had to describe New Whisper Ultra Soft to you, two words come to mind – soft and comfortable! It is super slim and feels like there’s nothing there at all. Unlike other products, I found this one’s outer wrapper to be tissue-like soft which means it doesn’t make those annoying crinkly noises that you get when you tear it open. Not to mention, it’s high absorption capacity and cottony texture helps maintain that dry-feel and it is set at an attractive price point of Rs. 64/-

Having tried the product a couple of times, I can vouch that it delivers on its promises!

Alright then, I’ll see you next time! Till then, let’s stay in touch on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!


This post is sponsored by Whisper. However, views, as always, are my own.

What’s life, or love, without some celebration? Sure, you celebrate your wedding anniversary, birthdays and valentines day. But why stop there? The best couples I know are the strange ones, the ones everyone looks at with oddball expressions. It may look silly on the outside, but they look so much more energized and relaxed then those just living in a routine relationship.

Funny thing is, it doesn’t take much effort – maybe a movie night with beer and pizza, one of them bringing home the other’s favourite cupcakes… silly things like these help de-stress and remain genuinely happy.

In case your short of ideas (it happens to the best of us), here are some quirky gifts you can give your significant other to brighten up their day and your relationship!

Please take a compliment – Good morning texts are SO last decade! Here’s a fun, new idea to help brighten up your partner’s day. All you need is a jar, some paper and pens (the more glitter, the better!) Write down as many genuine compliments as you can, wrap up the jar with a ribbon and ta-da, you’re all set! Think of things like:

“C’mon, stop being so cute!”

“Don’t worry, you look perfect today!”

“Nobody makes me happier”

These touching compliments will have her smiling all day!

A cushion with her catchphraseEvery couple has a catchphrase. And by catchphrase I mean things that your partner says often in response to something you say or do. Have these printed on cushions or pillows! They’re a lovely way to add a personal touch to your home. Need some ideas?

Print “Where do we eat today” on one side of the cushion, and “I don’t know, you decide” on the other.

“Beauty” and “Beast”

“I’ll call in five minutes” and “I’ll be ready in five minutes”

Something related to her interests – Listen to each other and you’ll find out things that interests your partner. If she likes Harry Potter, get her something related to the book. If he’s interested in learning to play the guitar, get him a personalized guitar pick,

A comic strip – Every couple has had their share of unforgettable, embarrassing, even terrifying moments. Laughing about these moments will always be something you treasure. If you have an artistic friend, come up with a story that stands out in your history as a couple. Maybe meeting each other’s parents for the first time or your first date. It’s a great chance to get playful with the characters, as well! Your boyfriend/husband may have saved the day and you can portray him as a superhero in a costume and cape. Frame it, gift it to your significant other and hang it up in a place you can both enjoy it in!

Diamonds – Who can resist diamond jewelry? Gifting your girlfriend or wife a gift from Malabar Gold and Diamonds would be a dazzling surprise indeed! I recently came across this advertisement starring Kareena Kapoor that perfectly embodies the spirit of a quirky relationship. Check it out

#KareenasAnniversarySurprise may give you the inspiration you present your loved one with a gift that will be treasured forever!

So, are you ready to melt your partner’s heart?

If you’ve got a quirky gift idea of your own, drop me a comment below!


Note: This is a sponsored post for Malabar Gold and Diamonds

Hello Sunshine!

It’s the middle of June. Goa has flooded and dried up, but Mumbai has had all of one drizzle.

This is one of those times when Mumbaikars need to choose the between of two evils – prolonged suffering in the summer heat or wading through gutter-water once the rain starts. *shudder*

Nevertheless, the time will come to put away our leather bags, suede shoes and buy some new accessories!

Here are some things I’m crushing on this season.

Quirky Umbrella from India Circus – I’m horrible with keeping an umbrella intact throughout the monsoons. I once lost my mom’s new umbrella the very day she bought it (sorry Mom!)

I’m sure there are a lot of non absent-minded folks like me out there… what kind of wizardry is involved in holding on to an umbrella for 3 months?

This annual loss of umbrellas of the reasons I never, ever buy a black one. With 37046942 people carrying black umbrellas, it’s easy to misplace it, have it stolen or simply forget all about it. I make it a point to buy a funky one – so I get possessive about it and keep it close. Strategy, you guys!

Here’s one that’s on the top of my monsoon wishlist. You can see more of them here

3 Fold Umbrella from Elephant Company – Not a huge fan of the fold-able umbrella. I’ve had them turn upside down on several occasions, but that could be because they were the cheap ones from the street. Elephant Company has some pretty neat designs though, and we can’t argue about the convenience of small umbrellas (especially in the local train.)

Raincoat from Asos  – It’s weird that we have a severe lack of stylish raincoats in India. I don’t know about you, but I hate the way those transparent plastic ones stick to the skin.

I looove this bling-y rose gold metallic one and striped blue one below. They’re fashionable and look comfy. Plus, they ship to India! #win. Check out the other styles they have here  . There are only about 60 options, but you’re sure to find something you love,

P.S. Men, they have a dozen styles for you as well. And thankfully, it’s not all black!

Transparent Bag from Accessorize – The best time to carry a transparent bag is when you’re going to the beach. The second best, is during the rains. If you have cute things in your bag, get a clear bag like this one from Accessorize.

Bag Pack from Adidas – Keeping your wardrobe lively when its cold and dark could just be a matter of carrying a bright bagpack. And when it’s form Adidas, you know it can take on the elements. I love this one because it doesn’t look water-resistant with all the thread detailing, but it totally is.

Rain-shoes from Dororthy Perkins – I posted a picture of my adorable rain shoes on Instagram a while ago and some of you asked me where I got them from. What can I say? Mapusa Market has some pretty cool stuff! I made sure they were made of soft rubber though. Those painful blisters that emerge when plastic shoes rub the skin is hell!

My shoes still have a downside. They have tiny holes in them for the water (and mud) to get out. That means dirt will get under my toenails and that drives me crazy. It inevitably happens with open toed shoes and perforated ones.

What do you think of these Dorothy Perkins ankle boots? So much chic-er than the ones we splashed around in as toddlers 😉 AND they keep the feet clean and dry! The only thing is, one will need to take a change of shoes along for indoor use. Too long in these could lead to foot odor. Just can’t win with rain shoes!

I found a smart pair for men from Globalite on Amazon. They look like ordinary slip-ons, but they’re made of rubber! Perfect, eh?

I have this strong urge to buy everything in sight right now, so I think I’m going to end this blog post and go watch Game of Thrones instead. I just started watching Season 1 last week. #DontJudgeMe

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Happy weekend, everyone!

– Jade

I’m not as obsessed with clothes as I should be. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love having a walk-in closet full of stylish threads, but I’m sure I’d head for the comfiest, softest pieces every time! As you can probably infer from my photos, the jeans-and-tee combo is my go-to-simple-style because it needs no over-thinking.

That’s  one of the reasons why I don’t blog about fashion very often. Taking 371046 minutes to dress up take the dog out for a walk, change 28 times before going out to catch a movie, or taking pictures of every outfit I wear – I fail to see the glamour of it all. Also, when it comes to things like these, I’ll confess, I’m lazy!

Ok ,maybe I do take pictures SOMEtimes… but that’s about it. Seriously!
Through college and jobs and from vacations to parties, I’ve gone through all phases of tops – the off-shoulder ones, the formal shirts, cowls, peplums (which I still wear occasionally for weddings and funerals) and the crops (that I sometimes pull out of my closet and wonder how I ever fit into them.)
I could literally live my life in a plain cotton tee and jeans, and since I work in advertising, thankfully, that’s the dress code. But there’s a fine line between fashionable and frumpy. When your day involves impromptu business meetings, catch-ups with friends and random events, this ensemble has made me look and feel under dressed.

To avoid such scenarios, I’m regularly wearing chic-er, more versatile tees with trousers or distressed denims for a low maintenance, yet elevated look. . Gotta love it when all it takes is 3 pieces to create a complete outfit. If you’re style is low maintenance too, welcome to the club! Here are some tips you can try:

Master The Half-Tuck – Whether it’s a brightly striped shirt, long knit sweater or a graphic tee, I love how tucking in the front makes it looks so much cooler. It gives you the comfort of wearing something over-sized in a polished, sophisticated way. Keep it effortless by tucking it in haphazardly in the front
Add some headgear – A beret or hat can make a boring outfit look super stylish. But my favourite is the bandana – it simply exudes confidence, freedom and a laid-back attitude. Wear it around your forehead, your neck or simply loop it through your jeans!
Nail Nautical – The navy blue-and-white striped print is a fashion miracle! It goes with literally everything from cutoffs to high waisted skirts, they’re super smart, fresh and clean cut. Invest in a classic one (as big buttons and embellishment look cartoonish) and wear it with a chunky neck piece. Simple!

Trade Blue for Black – Replace blue jeans with a coloured pair. You can’t go wrong with sleek, black denim, either! It looks so much more formal when paired with a necklace.

Wear it with heels – Sometimes, all it takes to make an outfit dressy is good heels. Three pairs – black, red and nude will save an outfit every time, especially ones that involve jeans and a tee. Not a heels person? Pick up some embellished flats.. they’re totally worth it!

Roll your sleeves – When wearing a button down shirt, a long sleeved tee or even a short sleeved tee, try rolling up the sleeves. You’re probably wondering how much shorter can the sleeves of a short-sleeved tee be. Well, a little longer than the arm holes of a tank top. A subtle change like that can change the whole vibe of your outfit. It’s one of my favourite things to do on those rare occasions that I wear a shirt. Fold the sleeves in half, then fold them again and let a little of the cuffs stick out of the folds (especially if the cuffs are a different colour!)

Belt it – They aren’t just for holding up pants, they’re stylish too! Tuck in your tee and accessorize with a contrasting or jewelled belt.

Layer – Layering with a summer jacket or a denim vest is summer friendly. They give an outfit a lot more depth. Another thing I like to do is to wear a long, striped or contrasted spaghetti under a top to give a simple outfit a much needed boost.

Tie It – A stylish way to make an over-sized tee look amazing is to tie a knot at the bottom. But the trick here is to not show too much (or any) belly. Choose a really long, loose fitting tee shirt and then make the tie on the side above one hip, or at the back.

Cuff your Jeans – There’s not much (quick) style tricks you can apply to a simple top and jeans. But this one is the easiest of them all – it takes less than minute. Neatly folded legs of your jeans with heels (ballerina shoes/quirky socks and sneakers, in my case) is very celebrity-like!

Over to you.. what tricks do you have to amp up the tee-and-jeans combo? Oh.. and should I write about fashion more often? What do you think of this post? 🙂

Talk later xx
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If you watched the Oscars that went by a few days ago, you must have noticed that it was a literally a Pastel face off!! That’s right, the biggest fashion icons walked the red carpet in sherbet colours, setting the trend yet again.


Pastel Hues are perfect for the summer months. I’ll show you how to make a style statement
that’s soft, girly and feminine. You can indulge your sweet tooth as you pull of these candy coloured
outfits. Once again, this style is easy to carry no matter what your body type and style preference is.

While wearing pastel, let the subtleness shine through. Leave the bright red leggings and orange
spaghettis behind. The only colours you should complement pastel shades with are beige and

  • Too much white or cream in your outfit runs the risk of looking too sugary. Accessorize your mini dress with a nude neckpieces, bangles and a jacket.
  • Mint green is doing the rounds once again. It’s extremely lady like and adds a bit of vintage charm to your wardrobe. Mint dresses, bags and jackets are a must have this summer. Top it off with a head-band for extra edge.
  • You would be making a classy summer statement when you team up pastel hues with pearls. It could be pearl earrings, necklace or even a pearl clutch. Beaded neckpieces are just as trendy.
  • Going top to toe pastel adds that dash of sass to your personality. But if that’s not your thing, I have a solution that’s right up your alley. Team your black skinnies with a white top and add the bubble gum pop of colour with a sky blue/rusty rose blazer.
  • For obvious reasons, pastel shades are perfect to accentuate your facial features. Go wild with smoky eye-liner, red lips and blush coloured cheeks. Brighten your complexion with a mouth-watering punch of colour. Go sweet with the girl next door look to a full on Boss!
  • Pair a lemon coloured top with a bold printed skirt in black and white for an ultra-trendy vibe
  • No matter what pastel colour outfit you choose, a white blazer will always pull the look together and give you a summer-ready ensemble. You could also pair blue and white for a refreshingly cool colour scheme

Have any tips up your sleeve? Comment below or tweet to me @ImGoanCrazy because I’d love to know!

Gionee India Beach Fashion 2015 week is all set to steal the hearts of Indian Brides, and for the second time this year, they’re doing it in Goa!

Centred around the theme ‘Resort and Destination Bride,’ the power packed launch had guests meet the best fashion designers of the country.

As an invitee to the blue carpet event, I got a glimpse into what’s going down from October 29-30-31 2015 in Candolim. The sizzling launch party showcased a stunning preview of beachwear collections by designers James Ferreira, Asmita Marwah, Anupama Dayal, Sonaakshi Raj, Rocky S, Babita Malkani, Ken Ferns and Riddhi Siddhi.

I personally loved Asmita Marwah’s collection inspired by the ‘Bindi,’ This sheer white garment featured a bold red spot in the front, which was an interesting use of an iconic bridal symbol. Babita Malkani’s black flowy design was uber chic!

And it’s hard to stop staring James Ferreira’s design! OMG that skirt!

India Beach Fashion Week

Gionee India Beach Fashion week plans to focus on the people and talent of Goa this time and so a special addition to the event called “Made in Goa” will be introduced this year.

There was also mention of the Gionee E8 which is to be launched soon.

Seen at the party were TV celebrities like Rithvik Dhanjani (Hot!) and DJ Aqueel (Hotter!)

The launch kicks off a Pan India Style, Travel and Music Party tour. It brings together the best of fashion, music and glamour to 11 chosen cities. 10 more cities to go!!