Playing Sherlock At Mystery Rooms, Goa

I grew up on Famous Five, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys.

Yes, I was that geeky kid.

For those of you who read, mystery novels are the most captivating genre to get engrossed in! Maybe it’s the puzzle, the chance to watch the detective chase clues and try to beat him to their meaning. I grew up convinced that there were going to be mysteries around every corner, waiting to be solved.

Anyway, long story short – apart from existential crises, no mysteries came my way. That was until I found Mystery Rooms!

Mystery Rooms, at the Candolim-Calangute junction is bringing the massive detective- gaming trend to our home turf! This real-world game imprisons participants in a room with family and friends, and together, you’re forced to hunt for clues in the game environment. Using logic, teamwork and some creativity, you can free yourselves in a race against the clock and win!

My team (comprising of cousins and an aunt) took on the Lockout – Prison Break Challenge. The premise of the game is that we’re locked in a brutal, regimented prison for being wrongly committed of a crime. The jailer is away for one hour and it’s the only opportunity we have to execute our escape plan.

The level of the game is ‘moderately hard’ and solving the clues posed quite a challenge. It’s easy to see why the success rate of the game is only 10%! Observation is key to escape, and the most important clues are sometimes hidden right under your nose, waiting to be found. At other times, one has to hunt, literally, in the most unlikely places.

We did pretty well! Considering we escaped with 15 minutes to spare in a game that few succeed in. I don’t want to give too much away, but I’ll say this: nothing is useless in the room – everything you see will help you get out in some way or the other, so keep your eyes peeled!

Mystery Rooms currently has two challenges ready for the public, and another two to open within the month. So you can find your choice of alternate universe to get lost in. You could be an eminent personality who’s been abducted by a terrorist organization or save the villagers by solving the secret behind a cabin in an occult forest.

Brain-teaser lovers, gather up your team and get your neurons all fired up in these hard, but do-able challenges. Rather than reading a mystery novel at the edge of your seat, you’ll now have a chance to actually live it!

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