20 Great Gifts for travelers

The only storage that most travelers have is their backpack, so getting them something that’s small and useful will definitely be appreciated. Here are some gifts to make any journey comfortable and convenient for your digital nomad friends.

USB Cable and Charger Roll from The Black Canvas – We know what travelling with multiple devices means. Tangled chargers, earphones and cables in our bags. Here’s a convenient solution to minimize the clutter. Simply roll it up and snap it in place.  Pretty classy, especially since it’s made with leather and felt!

Price – Rs. 1500

P.S. This site is a treasure trove of gifts for travelers! Check it out!

Duffel Bag from 2AM by Anjali and Meha –People bitten by the travel bug only need a moment’s notice to pack a bag and head out, and a duffel bag is great to stuff clothes into. They’re spacious, look stylish and are ideal to carry for a weekend getaway.  

Price – Rs. 2500

A scarf from Shingora – A scarf isn’t just a scarf! It’s also a head cover on a sunny day, a light layer for your arms when you’re cold, an accessory to make a plain outfit stand out, a sarong for when the beach or pool, a cushion to protect fragile items in your bag and so much more!

Rs. 1000 – Rs. 4500

A luggage scale from Engive – What better gift for a chronic over packer? A sturdy, portable luggage scale takes all the last minute guesswork away and eliminates possible airport weight struggles.

Price – Rs. 2229

Sleep essentials from Viaggi – Dorm-mates switching on the lights? Someone snoring like a freight train on a long bus ride? These items will help even the fussiest sleepers get adjusted to time differences and jet lag. You can also check out the quirky selection at India Circus.

Price – Rs. 399

Compact Water Bottle from Amazon– Health isn’t something you want anyone to compromise on. A water-purifying bottle is ideal for your hike or trek loving friends, or even someone travelling to a poor country.  A foldable bottle is another great gifting option as it can simply be rolled up when empty to save space.

Price – Rs. 1690 – 3649

Quick Drying Towel from Decathlon – Fluffy towels are luxurious! But you wont find them at budget accommodations. A quick-dry microfiber towel takes up very little space and makes drying a snap.

Price – Rs. 368-644

Secure luggage lock from Amazon– Having items stolen from your bag can ruin the fun that comes with travel. Gifting your friend a lightweight lock means his belongings are secure in transit and unsafe areas.

Price – Rs. 381

Portable Charger from Flipkart – They’ll always be looking for power outlets in airports and restaurants. Gift them a light, compact power bank that can run for up to 30 hours instead.

Price – Rs. 899

Travel Garment Steamer from Shopclues– Lightweight and portable, this handheld gadget dewrinkles clothes right on the hanger. Your fashion-obsessed friend won’t have to leave behind their cotton and linen items anymore!

Price – Rs. 699

Travel-sized toiletries from Body Shop – Huge space savers and oh-so-handy! They can be taken in your hand hand luggage if they’re less than 100 ml and your friend will be thanking their stars for that mini toothbrush and comb when he has to freshen up during a long layover.

Price – depends on the assortment you select

Travel boots from Timberland – A fail-proof gift for men, Timberland boots make preparedness easy with their lightweight, water-repellent shoes that are great for trekking or urban exploration. They are the ultimate contenders thanks to features like anti-fatigue technology, insulation, durability and more.

Price – varies

Laptop Covers from Poster Gully – A person who’s constantly working (or so they say) on the road is only concerned with two things – free wi-fi and protecting their laptop, their source of income.

Price – Rs. 249

Passport Covers from Chumbak – Frequent fliers are always whipping out their passports. Get them a quirky cover so they can do it in style.

Price – Rs. 995

Portable Laundry Washing Bag from Scrubba – This bag is the smallest, portable washing machine and is ideal for times when you have to pack as lightly as possible, such as on a camping trip. Simply add dirty clothes, water and detergent. Clip it closed and scrub for around 3 minutes.

Price – 6,241

Scratch Map from Luckies of London –  It helps you track your travels in the most wonderful, eye-catching way! Scratch off the gold foil over areas you’ve been to and reveal a colourful map below that’s a visual representation of your adventures.

Price – Rs. 3069

Neck Pillows from India Circus – Whether you’re stuck in the middle seat in the plane or going on an overnight bus journey, a neck pillow will keep the head cushioned so you don’t wake up every 20 minutes. Or worse, wake up with a sore neck.

Rs. 824

Luggage Tags from Amazon – A tiny tag is so handy when you see a dozen identical bags on the airport conveyor belt. Get one that suits your personality, or just personalize it!

Price – variable

Sunglasses from Koovs – A stylish pair of sunglasses is a go-to gift for someone travelling to an island country like Hawaii, riding a camel on the desserts of Dubai or even visiting a Tropical country like Brazil. Not to mention, they do spice up an outfit!

Price – Rs. 455+

Camera Lens Thermal Flask – After water, coffee (or tea) is the most important drink. Your nomad friend should be able to sip their brew of choice, regardless of where he/she is.

Price – Rs. 398

Most nomads don’t really want material things, they crave experiences. So try and gift them an experience in the country/city they’re travelling to. Say scuba diving, a flamenco dance class, or even a hotel stay. Maybe the best gift would be some quality time together before they’re off on the road again.

Hope these ideas were helpful!



  1. June 10, 2017 / 5:22 pm

    Great list! Quick drying towels are probably the best thing I ever bought, they barely take up any space in my backpack and dry so much faster than the average towel! I’m loving the scratch map, I really have to get myself one of these, thanks for the tips 🙂

    • Jade DSA
      June 10, 2017 / 6:15 pm

      Hi Becky! Thanks for stopping by!
      The scratch map is really neat. It’s a pity not many companies make them.

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