The Neglected Essentials for a Perfect Eye Makeup Kit

We all dream of an above par makeup kit, don’t we? From the brightest shade of the lipstick to the lightest tone of the concealer, we want them all! Don’t we lack on significant things while we focus only on the cosmetics? The makeup APPLICATORS! The coolest international brands of makeup won’t do any wonders if the application of that makeup is weak. The major backstage heroes are our tools.

We try to use one brush for almost all makeup application. Or at the max two; one with large bristles and the other with thin ones. But that’s where we lack in perfection. Renowned professionals recommend only to use the designed one for contouring. Listed below are the most neglected eye makeup tools which have vital importance if we desire  a perfect eye makeup kit.

make up brushes

Angled Eyeliner Brush

 The perfect winged liner is almost every woman’s desire, but if you seek perfection through the regular brush, it is not really going to happen. The seamless strokes will only come with a perfect shape of the brush. Angled Eyeliner Brush is a pro in that. Use it for yourself and experience the excellence!

eye liner brush

Eye Shadow Brush

 The smoky eye contour or the glamorous shine on the lids – every eye makeup technique demands precision. The eye shadow brushe let you dab the desired amount of powder and apply it on the lids in the proportion which you wish for. A recommended one is Colorbar perfect Eye Makeup kit which comes with 3 specified brushes. It will fulfill the eye makeup kit requisites with pocket-friendly charges. You can buy much more such makeup brushes and kits from Shoppers Stop’s online store.

eye shadow brush

Lash and Brow Brush

The belief of just rubbing the Kohl on your brows is a wrong technique. Try and experience the perfection of a brow brush to sharpen your eyebrows. The innovative fashion lads always come up with easy to use tools and one of such is the combined Lash and Brow Brush. It will give you the long, thick eyelashes along with the thick pointy brows.

lash and brow brush

Lash Curler

Getting the sound pinch proof curly lashes every time you plan to step out is possible only with a Lash Curler. Try your hand on Colorbar Showstopper Eyelash Curler which comes with cushiony grip handles for sheer comfort and the spunky fuchsia silicon pad to deliver the seamless lash crimping.



This evergreen tool never gets old. From the grandmas to the millennials, every woman owns one and use it on and off. These tweezers play an important role in plucking out that unwanted hair or the acne. Have them in your kit as those last-minute beauty savers.


Make your dream eye makeup kit ready with all the essentials into it in no time by shopping from Shoppers Stop multi-brand online store.

Note – This is a sponsored post by Shopper’s Stop.

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