Whisper Ultra Soft – Launch With Radhika Apte

Whisper, India’s leading Feminine Care brand has always endeavoured to push women to be unstoppable.  Being in the advertising industry, I’ve paid close attention to the campaigns the brand has undertaken to realize this mission. From their iconic ‘Like a Girl’ advertisement to taboo-defying ‘Touch the Pickle’ that changed the paradigm of conversations and boosted confidence when women needed it the most, the brand continues to break barriers time after time.

This year, Whisper has gone yet a step further and launched ‘Whisper Ultra Soft,’ a product that offers superior comfort and feels 2x softer on the skin. Take a look at the commercial, which focuses on something so simple, yet uncomfortable during that time of the month – sitting. Take a look:

8th March 2017 – Women’s Day – was the day chosen by Whisper to launch of the New Whisper Ultra Soft in a pink-themed set up at Mahalaxmi Race Course, Mumbai. The theme for the event was “be bold for change,” and celebrated not only womens’ achievements, but also encouraged them to be comfortable in their skin in order to be truly unstoppable.

TV Actress Radhika Apte, who was present at the launch said, “It is important for women to create a sense of self-worth in everything we choose to do in our lives. We need to be unstoppable and realize our full potential. This is only possible when we feel comfortable in our skin on regular days as well as during those five days of the month. It is necessary to make our needs priorities, which includes choosing the best sanitary solutions.” She also concisely stated that those five days equals 1/6th of a month, in turn being 1/6th of the year and 1/6th of woman’s entire life. Feeling uneasy and uncomfortable for 1/6th of one’s life is unthinkable and everyday should just be another day on which women go out and achieve.

Dr. Nandita Palshektar, noted gynaecologist spoke about the do’s and don’ts that every woman should incorporate in her monthly routine and educated all about the importance of menstrual hygiene. An R&D expert from Whisper’s parent company, Proctor and Gamble in Germany then took the stage and gave us a product demo while explaining the features of the Whisper Ultra Soft. She highlighted the softness and stronger absorption capacity of the product and the amount of testing that went into developing it. She also stated that it is longer and wider than Whisper Ultra, giving women the extra comfort needed during sleep.

As the evening progressed, I got to mingle with other bloggers present at the event as we clicked pictures riding cycles that lit up the word ‘Ultrasoft’ when pedaled long enough. And with a wall full of pink-shaped heart balloons stuck on it, it was the perfect setting to take a selfie or 20! A delicious high tea with an array of desserts followed – a fun way to end the launch event.

If I had to describe New Whisper Ultra Soft to you, two words come to mind – soft and comfortable! It is super slim and feels like there’s nothing there at all. Unlike other products, I found this one’s outer wrapper to be tissue-like soft which means it doesn’t make those annoying crinkly noises that you get when you tear it open. Not to mention, it’s high absorption capacity and cottony texture helps maintain that dry-feel and it is set at an attractive price point of Rs. 64/-

Having tried the product a couple of times, I can vouch that it delivers on its promises!

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This post is sponsored by Whisper. However, views, as always, are my own.

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