Who is That Goan Girl

Hi! I’m Jade

A Kuwait-born, Goa-bred, Mumbai based 26 year old.

I moved to Mumbai a few years ago to get a post-graduate degree, and subsequently to work. But in a couple of years, I realized that a cubicle-lifestyle was not for me. I quit, started off on my own and began freelance writing on the side.

I had no desire to have a food and travel blog, although the existence of this one would suggest otherwise. I’m an average (at-most) cook and certainly no culinary connoisseur. But what I do excel at is eating! To me, being on a diet means limiting myself to one cupcake instead of two. And I’m not automatically impressed by five star restaurants – I’d gladly eat at a burger joint if it’s better. All I care about is good food.

This love (or obsession, rather) with food and travel – making endless lists of places I want to eat at and countries I want to visit, watching TLC for hours on end and debating on where to get the best red velvet cheesecake has worn out the patience of my friends, and I neededanother outlet – so ta-da!

A little more about me? – I have a business degree and a head full of ideas. I love making lists, going on spontaneous adventures, watching cooking shows, road trips, inspiring quotes and dreaming big. Animals, comfortable clothes, a good book, indulgent coffee (and desserts) make me happy. I say what I feel all the time… (which gets me into trouble on a regular basis).

Don’t worry if I haven’t covered your favourite country or restaurant yet –I’m working on it. If you have a suggestion on the next place I should visit, click here to email me. You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Oh yes, don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter!

I have no idea what this blog will become. But I do know one thing. My passion food and travel is immense and my friends can no longer be the only people I rant to.