4 Restaurants You Need To Visit To Indulge!

Everyone deserves a little luxury once in a while! For some, that may mean treating yourself to a spa while for others it may mean splurging on a designer dress. For a few of us, though, the best way to indulge is by making reservations at a fine dining restaurant to enjoy the food and attention! Here are some gems that offer a sophisticated dining experience in Mumbai.

Yauatcha– This restaurant has transformed a simple dumpling eating experience into something utterly desirable! The Michelin Starred Yautacha is a dreamy, moodily lit restaurant that takes familiar Cantonese dishes and serves them in a sophisticated, oriental-western setting. With over 2 dozen teas from around the world the restaurant almost teases you before you even order your meal.

Every steamed dumpling is a pure delight to eat and when dipped in chilli sauce, it takes on another level of fabulous! If you’re a seafood lover, you’ll devour the Three Stay Shui Mui – thin, hot dim sum pocketed with minced prawn and chicken. Their prawns are shipped daily from Thailand, duck and lamb from Holland and sea bass from Australia – proof that this fine dining restaurant places immense importance on quality.

Don’t get me started on their indulgent desserts – some of them are too pretty to even touch with your spoon. They’re probably the most Instagram-ed ones in the city!

Pa Pa Ya–Pa Pa Ya impresses your soul- thanks to the glamour it infuses in its ambiance and food. With crimson interiors and their fusion menu of sushi, it’s feels like a lovelier world from the moment you step in. The food, on the other hand is like edible art!

The menu at Pa Pa Ya has over a dozen pages with half of it dedicated to shareable tapas, sushi and dim sums and you can indulge yourself on starters without even having to order mains. Miniature sushi burgers, sushi pizza slices, deep fried soft shell crab buns with sriracha tartar sauce, and grilled chicken and avocado tacos made in gyoza sheet shells, Chiang mai sauce and mozzarella is just the tip of the iceberg. Don’t miss out on the crisp lotus stem chips that are doused in an addictive smoky yet sticky honey chilli sauce.

The thumping energy and alien-like experience at Pa Pa Ya will transport you from the moment you step in – definitely worth checking this exclusive place out!

The Table – Looking for a place that’s fancy enough for fine dining yet warm enough to welcome you after a long day? Head to the Table. With their long wispy curtains that stretch from wall to walls, zig zag tiled floors and eclectic lighting, it has a complete bistro feel that’s intimate and casual at the same time.

The food ranges from chevre salad and lobster cakes to coppino fish stew and rawas with bok choy – diverse flavours rely on the expertise of their in-house chefs. While you wouldn’t go wrong ordering anything on the menu, try their handpuffs – savoury rolls of choux pastry that go perfectly well with the truffle polenta, and spinach and ricotta cannelloni. What brings an element of exclusivity to The Table is that it changes with time and changes their menu to include more experimental dishes.

Indigo Deli – We hear a lot about the perfect food pairings but besides food, Indigo Deli pairs simplicity with sophistication to perfection. Having many outlets in the city, it may not be exclusive, but it is definitely a place you go to indulge yourself. Inside, it’s not a five star set – up, but bare stone walls, effortless teak wood furnishing and the right blend of colour.

Their menu is far above average and dishes, flawless. Indigo Deli is renowned for their wafer thin pizzas and impeccable meat dishes, be it steak or pulled pork burger. Don’t miss out on ‘Eggs Divinity,’ a dish made of warm comforting scrambled eggs with cheese, spinach and roesti baked and perfumed with truffle. There’s plenty for vegetarians too, for example, the Grilled Moist with cheese tomato peppers. This is the right place to satisfy your sweet tooth. Their sinful desserts include hot dessert soufflé, dreamy lemon soufflé, and molten chocolate cake.

These fine restaurants are worth going to, if you want to taste heaven . So, get out and try these exclusive restaurants, that will pamper your soul. Speaking of exclusivity, the Limited Edition Maruti Suzuki Dzire Allure has plush interiors and enhanced comfort features like dual tone seat covers, white ambient light, elegant interior styling kit, stylish exteriors, and much more. Here ‘s where you can browse to see all the features of a car that will drive you to a lovelier world. Don’t forget to check them out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well!

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