Christmas Markets in Toronto


As I write this, it’s already Christmas in India, but there’s still another 8 hours or so for it to be Christmas in this part of the world. And it’s snowing like craaazy out there!

The last time I visited Canada was 2 years ago, in summer, when the temperature was just about perfect for exploring, outdoor BBQs, pool days and all other Goa-things! This time, apart from visiting Christmas markets and shoveling delicious food into my mouth, I’ve not done much yet.


I’d been in -3 to -5 degree weather since the time I landed, but that night at the Christmas Market in Distillery District was probably the coldest I’ve been in my life. We later learnt that there was a cold weather alert and the temperature would feel like -21. While the news is constantly on the TV at the house, we all just happened to skip watching it when it counts the most, lol!

toronto christmas market

Taking out my gloves to click a picture on my phone was a challenge I hadn’t anticipated, especially with fingers that were numb from the cold. But frigid temperature be damned, I had to capture the magic of a Christmas Market.

christmas market lights toronto

This pedestrian-only village is full of gorgeous Victorian era buildings, making it a wonderful setting for a Christmas Market. Ranked as one of the best in the world, it resembles those in Europe and even captures the tradition, heritage and romance. Cobblestone streets, ornate street lamps, and charming wooden booths shaped like cottages selling ornaments, baked goods, winter gloves and handicrafts were everywhere. Overhead, fairy lights streamed from one end to the other. And in the centre of it all loomed one of Toronto’s tallest Christmas Trees!

christmas tree distillery district

food christmas market toronto

distillery district christmas market

The main attraction though was a 100 foot long tunnel of lights! On long tables set with a small fires, fondue pots simmering with cheese were served, in which visitors dipped bread, sausage and steamed veggies for a quick warm snack. That apart, stalls also served chimney cakes, potato twisters and Christmas goodies. All that paired with Christmas Carolers singing joyfully in the background makes it impossible to suppress the child in you any longer.

tunnel of lights distillery district christmas market toronto


A few days later, the family and I headed to the Milton Christmas Market. We went while it was still quite bright and much warmer at -3 degrees, so that meant a LOT more photos!!

milton market toronto

It was easier to spot Santa, too!

santa claus milton market

milton market jade

An entire street was transformed into a new Christmas avatar, with over 200 vendors in white tents on either side selling everything from gingerbread cookies to hot masala tea and poutine to one-of-a-kind gifts. Unlike the market at Distillery District, this one had a lot of food trucks! The other one was waaay more Christmassy though!

stall milton market

milton market food truck

Okay! I’ve got to go shower and change for the Christmas vigil in a couple of hours, so I’ve got to wind this post up!

milton market canada

Hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas wherever you are! Wishing you all the love and joy that this season brings! Merry Christmas!

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