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I’ve had a lot of adventures these past few months – from trips to beachy Ratnagiri to travelling high up in the hills in Mahabaleshwar. I’m trying my best to explore as much as I can and cross off as many places on my bucket list.

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I need to talk to you about these newbies on my feet!  Unlike my tomboyish wardrobe, my shoes are girly – strappy sandals, heels, ballerinas and juttis. My sneakers are probably the most masculine looking pair of shoes I own. But none of these were versatile enough to go off exploring in.

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tgg woodland

I’ve had a couple of trips that required walking on rocky paths, short hikes and road trips. The next one involves a month in the snow. So I wanted to get some cute ankle boots that would serve a purpose on all my adventures.

thatgoangirl woodland

It was love at first sight with these babies from Woodland’s summer collection! I love a little bling and couldn’t get enough of the gold toe strip. The chocolate brown leather makes it perfect to pair with denim dresses, shorts-and-tees, black and white outfits and they’re light enough to wear with patterns and colours. I tend to be a little (read: very) clumsy and these have protected my ankles from sprains and my feet from all the nasties that the lively jungle brings. woodland 9


All that aside, wearing them makes me feel so sporty that I wish they’d come with a six-pack too!

thatgoangirl x woodland

The only downside is that if I pack them in my suitcase, it occupies so much space that I’d need to leave clothes behind. So if I do plan to take them along, I have to wear them on the onward and homebound journeys to solve the space situation.

woodland shoes

I’ll definitely be packing them in a couple of weeks when I hit snowy Canada (brrrr). Make sure you keep an eye on my social media channels to see how I do! Wish me luck in that cold, cold land!

If you’re a regular reader of That Goan Girl, you’d know that fashion-related posts with pictures of me in them are few and far between. Let me know if you enjoyed this one by dropping a line in the comments below. I may just do a few more if you like what you see 🙂


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