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Trying out new restaurants in Goa isn’t as easy as I would like it to be. Because by the time I relish a few home cooked meals and visit a couple of my favorite food joints, it’s time to leave.

Then again, restaurants here start up and shut down as quickly as you can say “Fish Curry Rice” Which means that if someone recommends a place that isn’t on the tourist map, it has probably shut down before you have the opportunity to try it out.

BODEGA RESTAURANT REVIEWI visited Bodega Cafe today to meet up with a Tweep! Cicero is someone who regularly interacts with me on Twitter and he suggested visiting the place for the “best red velvet cupcake ever.”

Located in Panjim, in one of Goa’s most well known art galleries, Sunaparanta Arts Centre, there are a list of things that set it apart, some good, some great!

BODEGA RESTAURANT REVIEWBodega is located atop Altinho hill, in an old, restored heritage mansion – one of the most stunning I’ve ever seen. With it’s well kept lawn, brilliant white and blue facade, clay tiled roof and artistic grills – the place will have an architecture lover’s jaw hit the Portuguese tiled floor! This tranquil little bistro looks like it belongs in a place like Pondicherry. One can’t help linger around to take in the serene atmosphere that most cafes lack.

BODEGA RESTAURANT REVIEWSecondly, Bodega doesn’t have the same menu everyday. One needs to check their Facebook page to look at what’s on offer – or go there and be pleasantly surprised. Not many cafe’s or restaurants take the trouble to do something as innovating as this on a daily basis, that too, given the small kitchen they have. The food is cooked right behind the ordering counter, and you can see the chefs at work on the menu for the day. Indeed commendable.

BODEGA RESTAURANT REVIEWPatrons can sit around the open courtyard or in it on wooden furniture with a canopy of trees overhead. An ideal way to spend the evening reading the newspaper (that they conveniently provide) or catching up with an old friend.

BODEGA RESTAURANT REVIEWAnother thing that’s worth mentioning is that apart from sinful desserts and refreshing drinks, they also have gluten-free options.

Did I mention they have free wi-fi? Although I couldn’t connect to it for some reason, there were a lot of people using it. I’m yet to come across another cafe that provides the same.

Bodega is a semi-self-service restaurant. You place your order and pay the bill at the counter, but the food comes to your table. The service isn’t very quick, but that’s OK – considering that it’s a place you come to laze around at.

I ordered the Red Velvet Cupcake and Chocolate Milkshake. While it was nowhere close to the best red velvet cupcake, it was pretty decent. I love mine with soft cream cheese frosting, and this one came with semi-solid butter-cream frosting that isn’t as exciting. The chocolate milkshake was rich and indulgent… just like it should be.

BODEGA RESTAURANT REVIEWI noticed most of the patrons either opted for the English style breakfast of eggs and bacon with toast or the Waffles, even at 4 pm. I’m definitely making another trip at a brunch appropriate time to try these out.


Here are a few of the artworks on display inside the house. Isn’t the shutter art work cool?

I absolutely adored these mosaic tiles at the side of the front lawns. Imagine sitting here and watching a performance!


What would make it better: I visited on an… uhmm.. warm winter’s day and it was hottt! Uncomfortably hot, once I finished my chocolate milkshake. A couple of more fans are definitely needed!

Meal for Two: Rs. 600/-

TGG Tips

  • There’s a lot of hype over the Vietnamese Ice Tea and the various choices of Sandwiches. Try them out!
  • Go when you have a lot of time on your hands. Wander around the art exhibition in various rooms and look at the quirky exhibits on the lawn.


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