Looking Back At 2015

Resolutions! There’s so much of that stuff going around these days. But honestly, I stopped making them years ago. While goals are great in business, I find that what works better on a personal level is taking a closer look at the year gone by because you’ve actually lived through it.

Here are some of the things that stuck with me through these last 12 months

1. Love what you do. It’s ok to quit what you hate – Digital and Content Marketing fascinated me for the longest time… and I thought I could fuel this passion by working for a company. How wrong I was. The more time I spent working, the more I realized I was a mere puppet with limited growth and no learning – at the mercy of a paycheck. After quitting, I’ve learnt more than I ever have in those two years and I’m happier than ever before. Passion makes you look for ways to fuel it – I furthered my knowledge through Youtube, through people I met, and the opportunities to earn and grow, although uncertain at times, are endless!

2. Never Settle for Average –I don’t understand people who settle for mediocrity. How does one satisfy oneself by doing just enough to get by? Whether it’s spending days trying to fix that glitch in my blog with zero technical experience (thank you, Google) or planning the next step in my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve learned that those who get ahead are hungry enough to not be average.

3. People Matter – Living in Mumbai has taught me that those who get ahead are those who value people. Technology and new gadgets are great, they save time, etc, etc. But business and life is and will always be about people. The more you understand that, the better off you will be.

4. Persistence Pays. Always. – In business, in blogging and in general, results don’t always come when you want them to. Being persistent is so tough… but also the most rewarding. Blogging for half a year with barely any traffic, walking the entrepreneurial path for a year (and then some) with no results is excruciating. But if the vision is strong enough, instant gratification just doesn’t matter. Giving up on something I spent months and years building is just out of the question.

5. The Power of a strong, clear vision is amazing – It’s the only thing that will see you through setbacks. If you need a breakthrough, you must believe in your vision 100%

Jade Dsa - That Goan Girl
6. Make friends with people who make you think
– Because anyone can ask you “Whats Up?” Those who talk about happiness, ethics, spaceships… anything! Those are people who make you think. I’m soooo over small talk!

7. Stop giving people second chances – This one was hard, because I always believe that given a second chance, people can change. Sadly, some never do. Waiting for someone to change only drags out the inevitable. If the person proves they are incapable of changing, why believe otherwise? Do yourself a favour and stop giving people second chances. It’s a waste of valuable time, they stop taking you seriously and you look + feel like a complete moron

Taking a look at what you have learned is just as important as planning for the year ahead. . I hope my lessons add value to your life. And if you have something to add value to mine, I’d love to hear them!

Wishing you the best of everything in 2016!


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