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Love them or hate them, relationships apps have evolved with our social landscape and we all know someone in our circle who has met their significant other using one of them.Gone are the days when your prospective match was limited to someone you work with, live near, or a family friend. Today, it isn’t uncommon to meet people who’ve met their partners on Facebook – via a random friend request. With 2.23 billion active users on Facebook, I’m mind-boggled by how two people end up finding each other, clicking, and getting married. In that sense, a dating app narrows down the playing field to people who are looking for a relationship. Or at least, that’s what they’re supposed to do.

But if it is so easy for others, why isn’t it for you?

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While a dating app widens your pool of prospective partners, the sheer options you can swipe right or left on can be overwhelming and can naturally saturate you. Additionally, if you talk to 5 different people who use dating apps, and you will get 5 different reasons as to why they use them.

  • ‘A’ is new to a city looking for someone else to show them around
  • ‘B’ isn’t quite sure what he’s looking for and hopes to figure it out somewhere along a string of dates
  • ‘C’ is just looking for a hook-up
  • ‘D’ has jumped straight to short listing prospective marriage candidates while the unsuspecting date has different ideas
  • ‘E’ wants to know what the entire fuss of dating apps is about and is out to satisfy his curiosity while killing some time
  • …and of course, there are those who’ve set off to find true love online via a serious relationship.

If you fall in the last category, you’ve undoubtedly found yourself jilted, frustrated and feeling like you’re wasting precious time separating the wheat from the chaff. Finding someone whose preferences align with yours obviously isn’t easy… and you have every right to be picky! You are choosing a life partner, after all, not a sack of potatoes. The fact that our Indian society places a ticking clock above your head (Beta, shaadi kab kar rahe ho?) doesn’t make matters any better, either. And so an app is the most convenient way to scan through a lot of profiles, fast!

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On the other hand, have you have to make a decision based on merely age, location and profile pictures! Perhaps you’ve swiped left simply because the face looking back at you appeared to have a bald spot on his head? Or because the person seemed too short or too tall, even though only the head is visible in the picture? He/she doesn’t have that charming smile or big doe eyes? It’s incredibly easy to go on swiping and swiping, keeping your eyes peeled for something better – the perfect match! Or to keep going on first dates while keeping your options open. It’s almost unheard of that someone settled down with the first person they date.

There’s another side of the coin. Many of us settle for good, not worrying about the fact that there’s something better out there. You can and should expect high standards when it comes to online dating, especially when you’re dating with the intention of finding “the one.”

So if you’re clear about your goals, know what you’re looking for in a partner and ready to dive into a serious relationship, meet OKCupid – an app that will put an end to you swiping right in all the wrong places.


OkCupid, an international dating service provider with the aim of helping you fall in love and live happily ever after. What makes OkCupid different in the dating game is the fact that it occupies that sweet spot in the dating cycle – that between casual flings and matrimony. A serious relationship! Secondly, it is not location specific, so, like Facebook, you can find your Prince Charming or Dream Woman anywhere in the world! Yes, the app is present in 113 countries!


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By asking you endless personality questions, its advanced algorithms collects the information you share and smartly takes these preferences into consideration while finding you better matches. So take some time out and answer questions that are fun, relevant, thought-provoking and quirky – things that will aid in finding you the perfect match and help you break the ice, and get to know your match.

Instead of sending someone a message and finding out the ABC’s of them, you already have a pre-filled application of sorts with the vital data as well as info that you would be interested in – and you can just pick up from there! It may be a time-intensive task at first, but the more info you feed in, the more you helps the algorithms work to bring you better matches with every profile. So it’s much more than just the profile picture that you can base your decision on.

Want to hear yet another benefit? Unless someone is really keen to look for a relationship, it is natural that he/she won’t spend time to answer OkCupid’s questions. This weeds out those people looking for casual affairs, giving you a much smaller, but more serious pool of prospects. #SubstanceOverSelfies, AmIRight?

Tired of the “hey, tell me about yourself?” messages you receive on dating apps in India? What are some of the fun, quirky questions you’d like to see OkCupid ask your potential partner? Comment below and let me know!

Alternatively, you could follow @okcupid_india on Instagram to keep a track of what India’s best dating app is all about.

Note – This blog post is written by me, sponsored by OkCupid


  1. February 25, 2019 / 7:20 am

    Gone are the days when people used to try dating sites for serious relationships. Now it’s totally opposite, people on such sites are looking for flings and quick hook-ups. However, there is a new wave of marriage websites coming to solve these issues. And GoMarry.com is leading the way, it’s the first marriage only match-making site for people who are only interested in long-term relationships.

    • Jade DSA
      February 25, 2019 / 11:28 am

      Hi Alex, It seems pretty similar to OkCupid. What’s different about the app you’re talking about and this one?

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